Demographic Research

With access to the highly regarded C.C.I.M. Site To Do Business website, Retail Sites Plus is able to provide virtually any demographic statistic that could possibly be desired.  We can provide this demographic information based on a radius of miles from a certain point, drive-time from a certain point, or by drawing a polygon on a map to include a specific area.  Some of the demographic reports that we can provide include statistical information on the following:

  • Population (Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Growth Rate, Age)
  • Households (Total Number, Average size)
  • Household income (Average and Median)
  • Housing (Owner vs Renter Occupied, Vacancy Rates)
  • Business Summary (Businesses by Industry, Total Number of Employees in a Given Area)
  • Home Values
  • Thematic Maps (Maps can be designed to show population density, income level, and more)
  • Retail Planet Locator Reports (Provides the size of surrounding retail centers within a given area)
  • Crime Reports
  • Census Data
  • Numerous Specialty Reports by Industry  (Restaurant Demand)

Please take a moment to review which demographic studies might be most useful for you by clicking on the links below.